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Three Dundee men who had become disillusioned with the lack of loyalty among friends, decided that the only way to gain the loyalty and respect desired, was to become part of Satans Slaves MC. It was decided after negotiations that the way forward was to prospect for Satans Slaves Fife MC, with the aim of obtaining enough Tayside members to form Satans Slaves Tayside.

On the 16th.March 1985, the three Dundee men became prospective members of Satans Slaves Fife. Shortly after becoming Full Patch members, the 'Dundee' side of the Fife club was growing fast and with some of the core members also deciding to join Tayside, on the 18th.October 1986,Satans Slaves MC Tayside was founded.

The Tayside chapter went from strength to strength and have never and will never be bettered."Satans Slaves Tayside are proud of our history and our heritage, especially so in these days of moral failure when values are at an all time low. You will not see any five minute wonders on this page, we're Slaves to our graves".

"We hope you enjoy this "Wee glimpse of History" as much as we did, creating it"!

Slaves Forever  Forever Slaves.

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